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OpsTrainerz’s Provided the jenkins training by the leading working professionals in the industry. Our course curriculum is structured by covering all the concepts such as fundamentals of jenkins, server automation, building pipelines and continuous integration, configurations tools, performing automated tests, learning abo.....ut code quality improvement, learning to deploy and implement the code in devops platform, etc. Moreover you will be working on real time projects that help you to gain practical experience in the jenkins platform that helps you to clear the jenkins certification exams easily. Register now to get certified for the industry oriented jenkins Course training at OpsTrainerz’s. Read more

Why Should I Learn Jenkins?

Innovative Structure

Jenkins is a popular open-source automation server that enables developers across the globe to build, test and deploy reliable software. 

Innovative Structure

Jenkins offers a wide range of advanced plugins that helps in building, implementing and automating all types of projects. 

Innovative Structure

Indeed statistics show that the average salary received by a Jenkins professional is around $110K. 

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Jenkins Course Content


  • Jenkins installation on a local machine 
  • Getting started with Jenkins 
  • Understanding Jenkins UI 
  • Overview of Jenkins Architecture and terms of use 
  • Creation and configuration of a Jenkins job. 

Learning Outcome: By the completion of this chapter you will learn the procedure to install Jenkins on your local machine, creation and configuration of jobs and become familiar with the terminology used in Jenkins.  


  • What is Integration?
  • Need for continuous Integration 
  • Advantages of continuous integration 
  • History of continuous integration 
  • Role of Jenkins in Continuous integration 

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this module you will have gained knowledge of continuous integration, its advantages, tools used for continuous integration and best practices to be followed in continuous integration.   


  • Overview of Jenkins plugins 
  • Adding plugins to Jenkins 
  • Widely used plugins in Jenkins (Parameter Plugin, Git Plugin, HTML Publisher, Extended choice and Copy Artifact) 
  • Creating Jenkins workspace and Jenkins Build 
  • Making Jenkins ready to work with Maven, Git and Java
  • The configuration of Jenkins to check for the source code changes frequently. 
  • Handling Maven build jobs. 

Learning outcome: By the completion of this module, you will have learnt about various plugins available in Jenkins and their role in continuous integration. You will also learn the configuration process of Jenkins with other tools, pooling for source code changes, working with maven builds etc. 


  • Introduction to Automated testing
  • Automation of integration and unit tests
  • Displaying test results 
  • Configuration of Test reports 
  • Using JUnit to create automated acceptance tests 
  • Ignoring tests 
  • Performance test automation using Jmeter 

Learning Outcome: By the completion of this chapter you will learn to set up Jenkins to create automated tests and to reveal reports.  You will also gain hands-on experience in display test results, ignoring the tests, and Unit and integration testing.  


  • Creation of a FreeStyle Build Job 
  • Adding properties files and properties 
  • Overview of Build Tests and Build Triggers 
  • Parameterized Builds
  • Execution of new build job 
  • Email notification setup 
  • Security enabling in Jenkins 
  • Various levels of Authentication available in Jenkins ‘
  • Distributed builds
  • Different types of access and enabling access 

Learning Outcome: Upon the successful completion of this chapter you will learn the process to create jobs, security authorization in Jenkins, running Jenkin jobs and sending email notifications etc. 


  • Using Code Coverage to find foul code. 
  • Implementation of PMD Jenkins Plugin 
  • Implementation of Findbugs Jenkins plugin
  • Reporting with JavaNCSS
  • Verifying HTML Validity
  • Using Jenkins with shell script build system ‘
  • Working with Gradle script build system

Learning Outcome: After finishing this chapter you will gain complete knowledge to use Jenkins plugin for analyzing bugs, use Jenkins on a variety of build systems and reporting. 


  • The process to manage Jenkins 
  • Rules to be followed in Jenkins 
  • Back up process in Jenkins 
  • Migrating Jenkins from one server to another 

Learning Outcome: After finishing this chapter you will gain knowledge of standards to be followed in Jenkins, Backup process,  and Do’s and Don’ts in setting up Jenkins. 


  • Overview of Distributed Jenkins Build 
  • Configuration of Jenkins slave node in Jenkins 
  • Configuring Master Jenkins Node 
  • Managing various nodes and Jobs distribution 
  • Biding Jobs on different nodes 
  • Labelling nodes to execute a targeted job. 

Learning Outcome: By the completion of this chapter you will learn about Jenkins distributed system and setting up master and slave configuration. 


  • Overview of Deployment
  • Implementation of continuous and automated deployment 
  • Process to deploy applications in an application server 
  • Jenkins Build Pipeline
  • Tomcat installation and configuration 
  • Using TomCat to deploy a simple Java web application
  • Parallel Jenkins build
  • Scaling Jenkins
  • Jenkins integrations 

Learning Outcome: By the completion of this module, you will gain knowledge to deploy a web server using Tomcat and become familiar with parallel builds and pipelines. 


  • Understanding Pipeline Plugin
  • Learning about Pipeline as a code 
  • Automated Jenkins Pipeline 

Learning Outcome: By the completion of this chapter you will gain an overall knowledge of Pipeline Plugin and Its usage in Jenkins. 

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Jenkins Training Options

We follow four formats for Jenkins training for the flexibility of our students

Batchwise Online Training
Batchwise Training
A batch of some single-digit count students are assigned to a faculty.
One-on-One Online Training
One-One Training
One student is assigned to one faculty at some fixed customized time of the student.
Self-Paced Online Training
Self-Paced Training
Videos of previous classes are shared with the students. It also includes clarification of the doubts at the end of the class.
Corporate Training
Corporate Training
Our expert faculty team visits corporates and takes sessions.

Upcoming Jenkins Batches

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jenkins Online Training Objectives

OpsTrainerz offers comprehensive  Jenkins training to make the aspirants all-rounders in continuous integration, continuous deployment and tasks involved in Jenkins. During the course, you will gain knowledge of the essential plugins and components used in Jenkins. As a part of this Jenkins course, you will learn the process to configure tools, build solutions, build and configure pipelines all these through real-world examples and use cases.

In this Jenkins course you will become master in the below areas: 

  • Building automation and continuous automation
  • Gain knowledge of build tools and plugins and configurations
  • Learn the Architecture of Master/Slave Architecture 
  • Unit and integration test performance 
  • Bringing down the costs using Jenkins tools 
  • Learn to use Tomcat server to deploy simple applications 
  • Using Jenkins to execute backups and restoration process

Yes, to enrol into this Jenkins online training it is suggested to have scripting knowledge and basic testing knowledge. Having Knowledge of Maven is beneficial but not mandatory. 

Following are the professionals who would get benefitted from learning this course: 

  • System Admins
  • IT Professionals
  • Solution Architects
  • Software Testers
  • Security Engineers

Need more details?

Jenkins Projects

Practical learning is very essential to gain the confidence and to handle real-world challenges. With an aim to make you job-ready and build confidence in you we have included two live Jenkins Projects in this course. During this Jenkins course you will get all the assistance from our technical team to help you with the system configuration process for participating in live projects.    

Jenkins Certification:

There is a huge demand for certified Jenkins professionals across the globe and we have designed our course curriculum in a way to help you to clear the certification exam. Certification demonstrates your ability to perform all types of tasks in Jenkins.  Apart from helping you for clearing th.....e Jenkins certification, OpsTrainerz will also provide you with a Jenkins course completion certification at the end of the training. This certification is valid across all the top MNCs and simplifies your job search process.   Read more


 Jenkins Training

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jenkins Training Advantages

  • Jenkins is a popular automation tool and widely used for creating seamless, and continuous integration between applications.
  • Its an opensource tool with great community support
  • It is built on-top of Java programming language and hence it can easily migratable to major platforms.
  • It simplifies your work with 1000+ in-built plugins.
  • There are a good number of employment opportunities available for skilled Jenkins professionals with good career scope.

About Trainer

About Trainer

Our Trainers highly experienced and real-time teams. They will give a real-time experience which is very useful in the work environment. OpsTrainerz choose the Certified and highly professional team as a trainers. and they will help you to get practical knowledge.


Every single class has been recorded so you will get the daily class recordings everyday.

We tied up with some DevOps Companies. We forward your profile when they required developer. But we can’t assure 100% job guarantee

Yes, for every training session there is a demo class before going to start training.

Opstrainerz choose a real time team as a trainer who is working on that particular module only.

Yes, we are providing 100% practical knowledge on each module with real time scenarios.

Yes, course material and recording of all your classes is accessible lifetime.

Most of the students get satisfied with our training, if you are not then we provide a specialised training in return.

We are available 24/7

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I took Jenkins training. Sessions were pretty good & content is competitive. they provide everyday h.....omework. Clarify technical doubts albeit the topics aren't included within the content. Overall an honest experience to me. Read more

- Ramu

I have enrolled for AWS Jenkins course. Trainer was very flexible and Explained projects alright . T.....hanks to OpsTrainerz Team who assisted me until course completion. Read more

- Nitya

I would wish to extend by because of OpsTrainerz for giving such quality of online training classes..... for Jenkins , If anybody want to become a master in jenkins career, I strongly recommend to OpsTrainerz, once more i might wish to express my because of all the team and trainer Read more

- Sai Krishna

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