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Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications have become a very prominent course for an engineer to advance their career. According to the recent studies made in the year 2018, IT Skills and Salary Report signifies that 89% of IT professionals in 2018 (globally) had at least one certification, which is 3% more than in 2017. AWS exams are now open in multiple languages to contribute to the global demand represented by several testing centers across the world.

Why AWS DevOps Certification?

AWS certification proves the aspirants as a DevOps Engineer and cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential and assists the corporations to recognize and hire skilled professionals to head their cloud initiatives on the AWS platform. This blog addresses the benefits of pursuing the AWS DevOps Certification, prerequisites of certification, an overview of the exam format, and evaluation.

Benefits of Achieving AWS DevOps Certification:

AWS DevOps certification confirms your technical expertise in operating, provisioning, and managing distributed app systems on the AWS platform. It renders you with tangible benefits that showcase your achievements and further enhance your AWS knowledge. Let us go through the advantages you can obtain from being an AWS certified DevOps engineer:

  • Extensive subject matter expertise throughout the AWS platform and AWS cloud functions.
  • A better comprehension of how DevOps teams can build robust systems efficiently and quickly with AWS.
  • Invitations to regional appreciation receptions and access to AWS certification lounges at AWS events.
  • Access to an exclusive AWS certified commodities store and its diverse products.
  • Practice exam voucher to aid you to prepare for your next AWS certification.
  • Access to the AWS certified global community LinkedIn group.
  • You can share your achievement on social media with an AWS certified logo.

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Prerequisites of Certification Exam

The AWS DevOps certification is an expert-level certification that provisions the developers and system operators who are the DevOps practitioners. Before attending this exam, initially, the aspirants must complete the foundational level and associate level of AWS certifications. This means first you must be an AWS certified developer or AWS certified SysOps administrator. You must also know how to:

  • Set security controls and governance procedures.
  • Handling and working with the tools that aid to automate operational processes.
  • Managing and implementing the continuous delivery systems and workflows on AWS.
  • Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS.
  • Generate code in at least one high-level programming language
  • Develop highly automated infrastructures.

The aspirant must also be aware of AWS services such as Compute and Network, Storage and CDN, Database, Analytics, Application Services, Deployment, and Management. You should also be aware of how to effectively use auto-scaling, monitoring, and logging in AWS. Having two years of comprehensive experience in designing, operating, and troubleshooting the solutions on AWS cloud is an added advantage.

Overview of Exam Format and References

This section provides a summary of the exam format, the topics that will be incorporated into the examination, and the references for the materials required.

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  • Certification Name: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional 
  • Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice, and Multiple Answer Questions
  • Duration of Exam: 180 Minutes
  • Registration Fee: $300
  • Validity: 2 Years

The list of incorporated topics and its weightage is as follows:

  1. SDLC Automation - 22%
  2. Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code - 19%
  3. Monitoring and Logging - 15%
  4. Policies and Standards Automation - 10%
  5. Incident and Event Response - 18%
  6. High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery - 16%

The following list provides the reference materials which assist you during exam preparations.

  • Advanced operations on AWS course.
  • Advanced Architecting on AWS course.
  • Whitepaper for running containerized microservices on AWS.
  • Microservices on AWS whitepaper.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) whitepaper.
  • Whitepaper for practicing continuous integration and continuous delivery on AWS.
  • Browse all of the AWS whitepapers.

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AWS professionals have adopted the scoring system to evaluate the process of the AWS DevOps certification exam. The mode of conduct of this exam is based on best practices and guidelines in the industry. 

You can score anywhere from 100-1000 with a minimum passing score of 750. AWS certification employs a compensatory scoring model, intimating that you don’t have to qualify individual sections but you need to score overall of 750 to qualify. Though, all unanswered questions in the examination are scored as incorrect and can affect your final score. AWS DevOps quiz also includes unscored items which are incorporated to accumulate statistical information. These items don't impact your results in any way.

After finishing the exam, the system generates the result automatically. If you would like to retake the exam, you must wait for another 14 days for a 2nd attempt. Within 72 hours of passing the exam, the AWS certified e-certificate and a digital badge will be credited automatically to your AWS account. You can share this on your social media profiles.


There is a high demand for AWS certified DevOps engineers in the enterprise and getting your own AWS DevOps certification aids you to score top in the exam and boost your career. In terms of the pay scale, a certified AWS DevOps Engineer can earn more than a non-certified AWS DevOps Engineer. As per the Global Knowledge platform, the Average AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional salary is 125,743 USD per Annum.

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