Azure DevOps Interview Questions

A platform which offers various services for the requirements of cloud computing, named as Microsoft Azure designed by Microsoft IT professionals. Developers used it for the build and application management by using their data centers network, Azure DevOps helped them to develop the cooperation and efficiency. We are providing most frequently asked Azure DevOps interview questions, which are helpful for your DevOps interview. Let's have a quick review of frequently asked Azure DevOps interview questions and answers for beginners, intermediates and for the experienced.

Azure DevOps Interview Questions for Beginners:

1. List out some famous tools of DevOps ?

  • Jenkin
  • Travis CI
  • Bamboo
  • Hudson
  • TeamCity
  • CircleCI
  • JIRA
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Clarizen
  • Asana
  • SVN
  • Git
  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub

2. Mention various phases of DevOps ?

The given below are the different phases of DevOps

  1. Plan: plan is essential for any application which requires the development, preparing plan for the process of development is the best practice.
  2. Code: The code of application is designed according to the needs of users.
  3. Build: with the help of different codes that are generated in earlier steps, the build of the application created.
  4. Test: Test plays an essential role in the development of the It application, which helps to test the application and it re-built the application when required.
  5. Integrate: It is used to collaborate the various codes, which are from multiple programers.
  6. Deploy: It helps for the future use by forming the environment of the cloud from the deployed codes, and it maintains continuous functioning even though the new changes take place in the website with a high traffic.
  7. Operate: When it is necessary operations take place on code.
  8. Monitor: For the customer needs, the performance of the application is monitored.


3. What are the advantages of Azure DevOps ?

The given below are some important advantages of the Azure DevOps

  • It delivers the software continuously.
  • It simply solves the problems which are complex.
  • It identifies the problems quickly and solves them with high speed.
  • It is also used for quick features transport.
  • It maintains the secured operating environment.
  • It is used to develop the collaboration of the various teams.

4. Describe about azure DevOps ?

It is a new version of Microsoft VSTS, it is used for the project planning by using the templates and the tools of Azure. Its functionality helps to manage and run the plans of the test, it is also used for the solution deployment through various platforms to leverage the pipelines. It provides CI and CD quick deployment.

5. Define Azure boards ?

It is a DevOps service which is used to manage the projects of software, It offers various sets of abilities like dashboards, reporting, scrum and kanban. Its essential feature contains queries, backlogs, sprints, dashboards and work items.

6. Describe about Azure repos ?

It is a system version control which is used for code management and various versions by using the lifecycle of the development. It is also used to track the changes for the code through various teams, the clear list of changes may be used for coordination between teams and collaborate the changes for future use.

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One of the essential features of it is centralized version control and distributed version control. Git is an example for distributed version control, TFVC is an example for centralized version control.

7. Explain Azure pipelines ?

It is One of the essential azure cloud services, with which we can build and test the projects code automatically. It works productively with the help of major languages and types of the project, it shares that project code with other customers also.

8. Explain the test plans of Azure ?

They are Azure DevOps services which offer solutions for test management, it offers the essential abilities, exploratory testing, customer testing, planned testing manually. It maintains an extensive browser, which offers testing exploration along with stakeholders feedback storage. The essential techniques like testing exploration and manuals are required for the product development, they are the reason for testing automation.

9. Mention some important components of azure devops integration and the bit bucket ?

Answer for this question represents the relation between hosted agent and the service of external Git, its continuous integration and continuous deployment is congruent through Github and the server of Git such as bit bucket. Instead of transforming the complete Gitlab project, it is used for external respiratory connection to get the advantages of its continuous integration and the continuous development.

10. Describe the projects of Azure DevOps ?

Project of the azure devops is an essential choice for gaining experience, which is helped for code existence and Git repository to design the continuous delivery and integration pipelines of Azure DevOps.

11. Mention the services provided by Azure DevOps ?

It offers the complete lifecycle management of applications, that is from plan to code, and also from test to build and deployment.

12. Describe continuous monitoring ?

For simultaneous development of our process, agile and devops are used by adopting and spectations. We need to monitor the constant progress and the infrastructure, with the monitoring of simultaneous infatuation, we can do process visualization to gain quick alerts in real time. With the help of data analysis we can select and the process which suits our organization. 

13. List Out some useful tools of continuous monitoring ?

  • Lansweeper
  • Spiceworks
  • Snort
  • Solarwinds
  • Nagios
  • Tenable
  • Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
  • Paessler PRTG
  • Rapid7 Insight
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine

14. Name the web application which can be deployed with Azure ?

The given below are the web applications, that can be deployed with Azure

  • PHP
  • WCF

15. Mention the service is used to manage the Azure resources.

Azure resource manager is the one for resource management, that contains various services like deployment, management etc. 

Azure DevOps Interview Questions for Intermediate:

1. Make a comparison between DevOps and agile methodology ?

DevOps: It is a kind of culture which helps to collaborate operation teams and the development, and makes them work simultaneously. The output of this process is continuous integration, testing, deployment, development and it scans the entire lifecycle of the software.


Agile: It is a type of procedure of software which concentrates small, iterative, the quick delivery of the software and the feedback from users. This process displays the problems and the gaps between developers and the users. 


2. Make a comparison between Azure DevOps server and services ?

Azure DevOps services: It is a microsoft service of cloud, which is reliable, scalable and hosted services which are available globally.

Azure DevOps server: It is a kind of on premise, which is used to build the back end server of SQL. People select this option for their requirement of their day with the network, the main reason for selecting it contains the requirement of SQL servers access by using azure data and tools. 

They Both provide the same services along with particular advantages, the given below are some benefits of services

  • It easily manages the server.
  • Its remote sites are used for best connectivity.
  • The latest features get quick access.
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3. Mention the reasons for why should we use azure boards ?

Its characteristics and applications are the reason for selecting them, the given below are some of the reasons.

  • Easy to begin by using scaling as levels increase.
  • It provides the visual tools which are interactive.
  • Simple to customize.
  • It is used for social communication by using in-built tools.
  • The collected data is flexible and has the capacity of storage.
  • Simple to identify the needs and notify the changes taking place.
  • It provides a chance to begin with no cost.
  • It provide the advantage of extensibility
  • It observes the progress and status in the dashboards.

4. Made a comparison between VSTS and Azure DevOps ?

The services of the microsoft visual studio namely Azure DevOps, which have better management tools for the application lifecycle. Our projects may plan with the templates and the tools of the Agile, it helps to run and manage the test plans, source code, version control and to manage the branches. By using CI and CD the solution deployment beyond all platforms with the help of azure pipeline.

5. Explain the roles and their use ?

They are kind of servers, which are managed and loaded as virtual machines that help to work for common aim achievement. 

Azure have 3 kinds of roles 

  • Web Role
  • Worker Role
  • VM  Role

6. Briefly explain the virtual machine scale sets ?

a compute resource which is used for the deployment and the management of a pair of twin VMs, they are designed with the similar configuration for true autoscale. There is no special need for VMs pre-provisioning and simple for services of large scale, they concentrate on workload of containerised, big data.

7. Make a note about availability sets ?

This set is VMs logical group, which helps us to find how our application is built in Azure that offers availability, to get highly availability for application it is suggested that two or multiple VMs are designed in the sets of availability which leads to the Azure SLA at 99.95. If we use single VMs along with the storage of Azure premium, then for the maintenance of unplanned events Azure SLA is used. 

8. Introduce fault domains.

They are nothing but the logical groups belonging to hardware, which can share the same network and power source. They are used to rack the data centers on premise, when we designed our VMs with help of availability sets then these fault domains are automatically distributed by the platform of Azure. The failures of physical hardware, outgages of network, etc are limited by this approach. 

9. Introduce Update domains.

a hardware logical group which can be maintained or rebooted at the similar time, these updated domains automatically distribute our VMs when we design VM in the set of availability. This process is used to ensure our application instance and it keeps running as a platform of azure that goes under the maintenance of periodic. We can robot only a single order of updated domain at a time, it may not continuously proceed while the maintenance. 

10. Briefly explain about Network security groups ?

NSG includes the access control list which may permit or neglect the traffic of a network for subnets, they may be associated with an NIC of individuals that connect with a subnet or with the subnets. If a subnet is associated with an NSG then a subnet ACL is applied for VM, it also limits the traffic for an individual NIC with the help of NSG. 

11. Are Scale sets works with availability sets of Azure ?

Yes, it is an inferred set of availability, which contains 5 update domains and 5 fault domains. Its VMs span is more than 100, that is equal to various sets of availability. VMs set of availability is present in the same network, VMs control node is created by the common configuration in sets of availability. 

12. Explain about break fix issues.

Break fix issues are nothing but the technical issues, that term belongs to industrial which includes work with technical support when it fails in normal functioning. This failure needs supportive organizations interruption for working order restoration. 

Azure DevOps Interview Questions for Experienced:

1. Explain the Containers and Azure DevOps supports which containers ?

Containers offer a simple software code approach which associates the dependencies, package and the configuration in a solitary project. We may increase the reply through the beginning, by which various containers run on identical mechain and share with other containers also. Containers used for the quick and well founded deployment, Azure DevOps gave support for Asp.Net, docker and the containers. 

2. Why should we use Azure pipelines, continuous integration and continuous development ?

The execution of the azure pipelines, continuous integration and continuous development is the better way to secure the code quality. They provide a simple, secured and quick way for process automation, which helps to project build and also warrant the obtainability. 

It offers free services for public projects and also 30 hours free service per month for private projects. The given points are some reasons for why we should use Azure DevOps pipelines, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • It holds up any platform.
  • The continuous deployment for different kinds of the targets.
  • Azure development integration. 
  • It helps for windows, linux machines and the mac building.
  • Github integration.
  • Working abilities through the project of open source.

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3. What is the use of an active directory in Azure ?

It is the system of access management, which helped to access the grant for our employees to particular services and products of our networks. Twitter and are best examples for it, it provides application built support in galleries that may be directly added. 

4. If we do maximum failed attempts of authentication via Azure AD, then what happens ?

We have more advanced strategies for accounts lock, that is based on requests of IP addresses and passwords which are entered. By using those advanced strategies we can increase the time of lockout, which seems like an attack.

5. How to find applications list which are pre integrated with AD and their capabilities ?

It has nearly 2,600 applications, which are pre integrated. Those applications keep up SSO, single sign on allow us to utilize the credentials of our organization for our apps access. They also gave automated support for de provisioning and provisioning.

6. How to use Azure Ad applications ?

It provides us a simple and secure way  for selecting and connecting with web applications, we also have the chance to access the same as our saas apps access in Azure. VPN is not required to change the infrastructure of our network. 

7. Write a note on Azure service fabric.

It is a platform of distributed systems, which made it simple for package, deployment, scalable management and microservices reliability. It is also used to develop and manage the applications of cloud, developers may neglect the tough problems of infrastructure and pay attention to mission critical implementation, workloads demand which are reliable and scalable. They constitute for future use and platform of mildware for management of enterprise class and the applications of cloudscale.

8. Explain about VNet ?

It is nothing but the rendering of our cloud network, that isolates our launched cloud instances from our remaining resources. 

9. Bring Out the main variations between Subscription Administrator and Directory Administrator ?

We need to assign a subscription administrator for Azure signup, it may use a Microsoft account or the work account of the directory. It is used by Azure portal management service, we can add co-admins when others are required to access with the same subscription. 

It has various admin sets used to manage the features of the directory, they have different azure portal access. They can design and assign roles of administration for others, to reset the passwords and the domain management.

10. What are the restrictions for customers using managed disks ?

They abolish the restrictions that are associated with accounts storage, its number per subscription is restricted to 2000.

11. Make a note about Azure Redis cache ?

Azure redis cache is an open source data structure, which works as cache and database. It is based on the famous redis cache of open source that provides secured access from azure applications. It maintains structure for data they are like hashes, sets, strings along with queries. 

The above stated frequently asked Azure devops interview questions and answers will help you to crack DevOps interviews, and place you in a great future in this field. If you have any queries or questions that need to be answered please do comment below, to get your question answered quickly by our HKR expert trainers.

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