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The DevOps Certification Training Program will give you more information on different DevOps tools. This program is totally involved and planned in a manner to assist you with turning into an affirmed expert through practices in Continuous Testing, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, lastly, Continuous Monitoring of software along its development life cycle. In this tutorial, we will learn about Azure Devops Certification, who this certification is meant for, about the certification, the exams, its prerequisites, Certification path, skills measured and different Azure Certification Levels are analyzed in detail.

What is Azure DevOps?

Microsoft Azure has shown gigantic development and is one of the quickest market infiltrations in a moderately brief time. DevOps is a training or process that unites development(Dev) and operation(Ops) groups for conveying proficient applications. Azure DevOps aids engineers and the group in making and sending applications with either Azure DevOps Service or on-premise Server. DevOps has been progressively basic to a group's prosperity and incorporating it with the cloud is the most ideal approach to expand that achievement rate, for creating quality applications proficiently in associations. 

Why Azure Devops?

Azure DevOps, a cutting edge DevOps instrument of arranging, creating, testing and sending present day applications with streamlined delivery cycle for quality conveyance of utilizations. It gives an instrument that could assist you with managing software building progress and assist you with taking the choice to convey incredible software to end clients. The administrations are not subject to cloud or platform. It catalyzes cloud improvement, gives opportunity of customization, and guarantees consistent reconciliation and better unwavering quality.

Why is this certification for?

The Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert certification is focused at experts who join individuals, methods, and innovations to ceaselessly convey an incentive through items and administrations which meet end-client requirements and business targets. This incorporates experts right now involved in DevOps culture and practices. If you are capable with Agile practices inside Azure, i.e., in case you're ready to plan and actualize solutions for consistency, version control, infrastructure as code, assemble, delivery, configuration management, and testing utilizing Azure innovations. Your day by day work ought to include smoothing out deliveries by upgrading methods, promoting robotization, and improving coordinated effort. You should be comfortable with both Azure development and Azure administration and be a specialist in at any rate one of these zones.

What this Azure DevOps Certification is for?

Finishing the test and acquiring this certification will exhibit your capacity to plan a DevOps procedure and actualize dependency management, development measures, application foundation, and CI/CD. The certification will feature your capability with DevOps methods, yet in addition your aptitudes around Agile apparatuses and administrations, including outsider instruments upheld inside Microsoft Azure. As a job based certification, it focuses towards mirroring the Azure DevOps Engineer job role and along these lines shows that you have adequate information and aptitudes to work in that limit.

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Which Exams are Applicable?

To attain the certification you need to pass:

  • Exam AZ-400 
    This test is specialized, requiring a degree of active involvement in DevOps innovations and devices, yet additionally some broadness of information around DevOps and Agile methods. Since DevOps is a wide topic, this is a genuinely exhaustive and troublesome test. All goals of the exams are canvassed inside and out, yet there are a couple of areas that go considerably more profound than others.
  • Azure DevOps
  • Version Control (mostly Git)
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • PowerShell

You require a sensible degree of comprehension of the abilities and ideas and where they fit into the general scene for some areas.

Prerequisites Azure DevOps Certification

You require to have either of the certification given below as a prerequisite :

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

If you have subject expert knowledge in DevOps and any one of these certifications, you are ready to take up this certification.

Certification Path for Azure DevOps Certification

This given certification is one of Microsoft Azure's "job based" accreditations, instead of "specialty" or "fundamentals" certifications. It needs either the Developer Associate or Administrator Associate certification as an essential. It isn't itself an essential for some other, as an expert level accreditation. The picture underneath shows the certification path.



Skills Measured

Exam AZ-400 calculates these skills in different categories, as given below:

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  • To develop an instrumentation strategy (5-10% of the exam): designing and implementing both logging and telemetry, integrate the logging and monitoring solutions.
  • To develop a site reliability engineering (SRE) strategy (5-10% of the exam) : By creating an alerting strategy, implementing a health check and designing a failure prediction strategy.
  • To develop a compliance plan and security (10-15% of the exam) : Designing an authorization and authentication strategy, information management strategy, creating security and compliance along with administration enforcement methodologies.
  • To manage source control (10-15% of the exam) : Creating a new source control strategy, planning and implementing branching strategies for the source code, integrating source control with devices, and configuring the repositories
  • To facilitate collaboration and communication (10-15% of the exam): Releasing data with business stakeholders, communicating deployment and generating DevOps method documentation and computerizing communication with other group members.
  • To implement and define continuous integration (20-25% of the exam): Designing an application infrastructure management strategy, build automation and a package management strategy. Automation of Nuget, Runbooks Gallery, Artifactory, Jfrog, Security Updates, GreenKeeper, NuKeeper. Design Implementing, maintaining a build strategy and a method for standardizing builds across organization.
  • To implement and define release management strategy and a continuous delivery (10-15%): Developing templates and deployment scripts, planning the deployment environment strategy and Implementing an orchestration automation solution.

Microsoft Azure Devops Certification Levels

Microsoft certifications are classified into four levels:

  1. Fundamentals: While considering these Microsoft Azure accreditation for amateurs, none of these are needed for any other higher Azure Certifications, yet they provide ideal beginning stages for anybody new to cloud or Azure. 
  2. Associate: In the event that you definitely feel comfortable around Azure well, you may feel great beginning here. 
  3. Expert: On the off chance that you have genuine tech slashes, you might be prepared for these. An Associate accreditation (either the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate) is needed for the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, yet the Azure Solutions Architect Expert has no essential certifications. 
  4. Specialty: There are as of now two of these, the Azure IoT Developer Specialty and Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty Certifications. There are no certifications needed prior to procuring both of them.

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You can focus on the Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert Certification if you are an accomplished expert in DevOps culture and works on, having either an Azure Developer Associate or an Azure Administrator Associate Certification. Through the Learning Path: Microsoft Azure Devops Engineer and different assets mentioned, you can get the preparation you require to fill in the knowledge gaps. To acquire this Certification, you are required to procure an Azure Developer Associate or Azure Administrator Associate Certification and succeed Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions. Despite the fact that this is a hard exam, the business and professional success possibilities for experts that acquire this accreditation look empowering. More significant compensations and more prominent duties are the advantages you could anticipate.

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